Fostering Positive School Cultures and Family Engagement Micro-credential
Author: Jessica M. - ExcEL MUSE Team, High School Teacher Providence Public Schools
On this page you will find a video tutorial guiding you through an activity submitted for the “Fostering Positive School Cultures and Family Engagement” micro-credential along with templates of the associated materials. The activity is a student led conference that aims to facilitate family involvement and engagement during parent-teacher conferences. However, this activity changes the previous dynamic of parent-teacher conferences by letting the student be the facilitator of the event. Students select their desired medium and conduct the presentation in the language of their choosing.

One slide deck (“Student Led Conferences Overview”) is meant to be an informative presentation that teachers deliver to the class before students are tasked with creating their deck so that they are aware of the importance of their role as the facilitator of the conference.

The “Yearly Portfolio” slide decks allows students to walk their families through the goals they set for their term, reflections on the past term, and sample work of their choosing. For each class, students are asked to write about strengths they feel proud of. The reflection components of the slide deck are meant to be cumulative such that by the end of the academic year, students are able to reflect on their progress and inform their parents/teachers of their needs for the next academic year. The attached templates are completed at the end of each term so that they inform students’ final conference.