Supporting Student Voice Micro-credential
Author: Laura D. - ExcEL MUSE Team, High School AP/Biology Teacher, Barrington Public Schools
On this page you will find a tutorial guiding you through the application of SMART goals for both multilingual and monolingual students. This framework for goal-setting is associated with the “Supporting Student Voice for English Learners” micro-credential.
The video presents you with the background information on SMART goals, which allows you to capitalize on the individualized nature of its goal-setting template. The tutorial walks you through the 3 action steps associated with SMART goal-setting. The first step is to introduce students to SMART goals by providing them a diverse range of SMART goal examples. Particular emphasis should be placed on goal-setting that aligns with students’ interests and need not to be strictly related to academics. The second step is to guide students through goal monitoring. To do so, we have listed potential prompts that can be used for check-ins at an interval you deem appropriate. The third step is guiding students through reflections by posing questions like those listed in the “Final Reflection” template.