Implementing Instructional Strategies for English Learners Micro-credential
Author: Jessica M. - ExcEL MUSE Team, High School Teacher Providence Public Schools
On this page you will find a walkthrough of an artifact submitted for the “Implementing Instructional Strategies for English Learners” micro-credential.
For this micro-credential, artifact submissions must correspond to the eight components of the SIOP model to ensure that students’ learning is scaffolded yet rigorous. This artifact corresponds to the “Lesson Preparation” component of the SIOP model and features student’s learning objectives in the form of “I can” statements. The author suggests that these objectives be posted throughout the classroom for the duration of the associated unit. The author also uses “I can” evaluations to help students assess whether they have met the learning objectives. If the student has not met a learning objective, the exit ticket evaluations gives them the opportunity to inform their teacher of what can support their learning in the future. The evaluations also serve as an indicator for areas or subjects that the teacher may need to adjust or improve their teaching.