Teaching English Learners in a Sociocultural Context Micro-credential
Author: Jessica M. - ExcEL MUSE Team, High School Teacher Providence Public Schools
On this page you will find a video tutorial guiding you through the components of a sample warm-up activity created for the “Culturally Responsive Teaching” micro-credential along with templates, links and other associated materials. The activity features a choice board activity where children select a domain (listening, reading, writing, speaking) to work on for each day of the week with the last day being a “free choice” day. This activity allows children/students to demonstrate their communicative abilities through various online softwares. We’ve laid out the activities below in case you are not able to access the video tutorial.
Teachers curate a list of video clips (ranging from 2-5 mins each) that appeal to their students’ academic and personal interests. Throughout the video students are asked comprehension questions regarding the information presented in the video. Teachers have full control over clip size, question sequence, and formatting.The activity can be adjusted to the needs/level of your students by adjusting the questions to either take multiple choice or free response format.

Website: edpuzzle.com

This free website walks students through reading comprehension exercises where they read passages and answer a variety of multiple choice questions. Questions are adapted to students’ reading level as they progress through the exercises.

Website: readtheory.org

For this warm-up, teachers can curate a selection of images that appeal to their students or use the provided template. The goal of this activity is for children to select a picture and use info.flip.com to describe the picture. Flipgrid is an audio recording software so this warm-up requires some form of listening and recording equipment. Students’ should aim to describe the picture with enough detail so their teacher can identify their selection.

Website: Flipgrid
Template: Picture Prompts

Free Choice Activity
For the final day of the week, students can choose from any of the four domains as their warmup. It is suggested that students attempt all domains before duplicating one on the free choice day. Students indicate which daily warm up they completed in the choice board template.

Template: Activity Template