Utilizing Equitable Assessments Micro-credential
Author: Jessica M. - ExcEL MUSE Team, High School Teacher Providence Public Schools
On this page you will find a walkthrough of assessment accommodations submitted as artifacts for the “Utilizing Equitable Assessments” micro-credential.
The video shows you what the author’s formative and summative assessments looked like before and after adjusting them to primarily assess student’s content knowledge, without having English as a barrier to their demonstration of content knowledge. To modify a formative assessment, the author included translations of the English questions in the student’s home language. To modify a summative assessment, the author utilized a site that couples pictures and symbols to inputted text. This form of accommodation tested content knowledge and supported student’s English. Each of the accommodations resulted in increased test scores by limiting the opportunity for confusion and test frustration or confounding content knowledge with a student’s current English proficiency.
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